GTV FileSystem

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The Google TV File System is similar to most other Android Operating Systems.


Updates to the Google TV, unlike most the incremental updates that most Android phones receive, come as a complete file system meant to replace the previous. It is assumed that since Google TV devices are meant to be connected to high speed internet connections, downloading a full File System is more palatable than on a limited-bandwidth mobile device.

Updates are retrieved without user intervention from the Google Servers. You can use the device version number to check your current file system implementation (See GoogleTV - Version Numbers for more information). Updates are distributed as signed zip files including a recovery, system, and userdata image. The current update packages are:

Logitech Revue b42449

List of all updates for:

File System Obfusication

How to access the File System contained within an image

The Zip File is a simple matter to extract, however the images within them tack some massaging in order to explore. While they are a typical SquashFS File System, they have some padding bytes that prevented a simple "Unsquashing."

  • It would be great if we could create a way to use dd to truncate the image instead of using a hex editor. You should be able ot somehow grep for the start and then dd the proper bits into a new file that could be explored correctly.*

Some data on the process is available here:,_Edit,_and_Re-Pack_Boot_Images

GTV Recovery Mode vs GTV(System) Mode

GTV Boot Loader

The Boot Loader is included on the File System, currently in the X directory. The Boot Loader is based off of the Y Loader (More information can be found at Z). For the Sony BlueRay player, the Boot Loader is ABC.

Files of interest within the File System

So, why can't I just edit a File System and use it to update my review?