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UPDATE 2011-January-5:

You ABSOLUTELY need a "virgin" Logitech Revue with NO updates in order to do this hack!!

Any previous device updates will disable the UART1 pins necessary for this hack!

Demonstration video of Root Success.

Shows Filesystem access, Apps and the Market, as well as previously blocked websites. Check it out http://www.youtube.com/user/gtvhacker

GTVHACKER'S Guide to installing applications and rooting your Logitech Revue

This is being brought to you right before CES, we all worked hard and here it is.


ADBD Running for adb access. Custom boot logo. Flash Plugin Update to allow previously blocked content providers.

Experimental method to block automatic updates (We would appreciate feedback on this as we we've been unable to confirm its success so far.)


The reason this is possible is due to the "out of factory" state of the Logitech Revue boxes not disabling the UART port on the board and allowing access to a root shell in recovery mode. After discovering this we were able to reverse the update files and manually upgrade the Revue to the most recent update. The attached files are our output of all the effort put forward by our team. Also as a notice to anyone performing the update, we are not responsible for any harm that may come of your box as an outcome of running our scripts. We will attempt to help you with any issues you may experience and have tried to make the process as safe as possible. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can make this process better please feel free to drop by our IRC channel and tell us.


The manual-update.sh script is our attempt at duplicating the process done by the GTV scripts that update the box in recovery mode. There are also a few miscellaneous tweaks done to assure applications load correctly, backups are made, and that the box doesn't auto-update. Some portions of the script do things such as flash parts of the NAND so make sure you do not short circuit your box or accidentally remove power during the manual-update process.


Soldering Iron

USB->TTL or similar board/setup (An Arduino in tristate mode works great)

4 wires to attach board to TTL board

Terminal program (Minicom for Linux or Putty for Windows) A USB Drive (At least 1gb, 2+gb Recommended)


In order to complete the root you will need an un-updated box, it seems as if the first or second update to the box closed the serial access hole. If you have a "virgin" box then you are ready to proceed.

1.) Open your box, there are 4 screws (1 under each of the soft legs on the bottom of the box), the rest of the box un-clips very easily. A better explanation is available at http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Logitech-Revue-Teardown/3788/1

2.) After opening your box you will need to remove the led bar and look at the top front of the board. Locate the pins labeled UART1. These are the pins you will be sodering to.

3.) Solder 4 wires to your board. The appropriate pins can be view here: http://gtvhacker.com/index.php/File:XJHay.jpg . You MAY only need to solder to TX, RX, and GND.

4.) Attach wires to appropriate pins on your USB->TTL device

5.) Connect to the USB->TTL device on your computer using a program like Minicom or Putty. The appropriate settings are speed is 9600 baud with 8n1, make sure flow control is set to none.

6.) Reboot Revue into recovery mode by holding the pair button on the back of the board until the box shuts down and comes back up. Then press Alt+L until "FORMATING DATA:" shows and stays, a menu should appear shortly after system is done clearing partitions. (More info: http://gtvhacker.com/index.php/Logitech_Revue_Technical)

7.) If setup is correct so far you should be seeing logcat output through your terminal program (Putty/Minicom). Shortly after you will be presented with a # sign which is your console.

8.) Proceed to software portion.


1.) Place all files in manual update on USB (preferably to ext3) device keeping all the files inside of the "updatec99" folder for easiest installation.

2.) Insert the USB and run the following command for an ext3 USB device "mount -rw -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /sdcard" substitute ext3 for vfat for a fat32 device (Also remove quotes)

3.) In minicom/putty browse to the /sdcard directory with "cd /sdcard/updatec99".

4.) Execute the update with the following command "sh manual-update.sh"

5.) If the process ends prompting "Complete" you are finished and may restart. You will then have adbd running on your Revue and can connect using "./adb connect LogitechRevue". If the process does not prompt you with "Complete" but some other error you will need to make sure you do not reboot your Revue or it may be bricked.

You are now complete and free to install applications on your box remotely through adb.


The GTVHacker team has a script to simplify the download/configuration/installation of unofficial NDK/toolchain support which is documented in the Logitech Revue technical section.


If you experience issues, please visit our wiki first as we will be updating that with the most common problems then visit our IRC if the wiki does not assist you.

ABOUT US This package is brought to you by the GTVHacker team over at irc.freenode.net #gtvhacker.

GTVHacker Team Members:






Thanks to everyone in the community who made this all possible. The GTVHacker Team

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